Champagne Bar

Oysters & Champagne bar – enjoying on Riva, Split

A unique and unforgettable experience offers you a Champagne & Oysters bar at the main walking area of Split, where you will taste the “Ston” oysters with a taste of premium champagne.

Always innovative Splits restaurant owners in a bid to its guests, foreign and domicile always try to present a life of the Mediterranean. In the past season they have opened a unique Champagne & Oysters bar at the Split Riva. A young team led by Stipe Jeličić, struck at the very start of what customers want – a small, cozy spot for tasting premium champagnes, and Croatian red and white wines, all optional – for our guests!

“The bar is located across from the exit on the Riva, from one of the Split’s most beautiful squares, the popular “Fruit square”. The location provides our guests the best view on the beautiful walls of the of Diocletian palace, on the other hand the view of the Split harbor and distant islands. To the delight for the palate we made sure to offer a luxurious range of premium champagnes, and impressive wine list with an accent on Croatian wines” – we learn from Mr. Jeličić, the youngest of family Jeličić.

Aphrodisiac along with the bubbles

But the best, as this bar apart from others, is a superb blend of clams, the world known and recognized as Ston oysters, which arrive daily from the bay on the Pelješac peninsula in a tray on the Split “Champagne & Oysters” Riva bar! Each oyster is opened in front of the guest, which tastes just ahead of this aphrodisiac boost dialed champagne bubbles.

Of course, if you want another drink, there is a beer-menu, as well as boost the supply of natural and mineral water. The menu is full of those little “snacks” that will prepare the palate for tasting wine and champagne.

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