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Spend your time along with a family tradition

Unforgettable will be the atmosphere in the restaurant Posejdon – you will eat at the table that is located in the the western gate of Diocletian Palace. “Pulse” of the city and all the liveliness of the busiest street will be carried in front of you, and on the platter you will taste select dishes of Dalmatian cuisine along with the old family recipes.

When someone has over 40 years of experience, tradition, hosting and preparing selected dishes in gastronomy then there is no doubt in quality. Indeed, all the above is only an invitation for you to try our offer in the restaurant Posejdon and as its name suggests – the Greeks god of the sea, in this case can be translated to – »Greek god of taste«. Precisely such delicacies made from top ingredients such as shells and white fish from the clean blue Adriatic. “Dressed” with ecological grown vegetables from and herbs from the island of Hvar are unforgettable experience for the palate.

Along with the offer of seafood delicacies, restaurant Posejdon will primarily delight you with hospitality.

But before you head for just a taste any of our dishes we will first introduce you to what you will experience while sitting down at the table of the family Jeliićić restaurant. You will eat at the table located in the western gate of Diocletian palace, the city “Pulse” all liveliness of busiest street called “Krešimirova”, will take place in front of you.
Imperial palace that is 1700 years old with its walls will provide you a natural shade, and the friendly staff at the restaurant that is settled on the best location for already eight years, will ensure that you enjoy!

On the tray you feel the best of flavor and aroma. For tasting you will be attract by every dish with its look. Because in order to resist the superior pieces from the sea, those who just can not be found on the fish market; Dentex, Grouper, Scorpion fish, lobster, sea bream, sea bass etc. More when waiters bring you all different kind of shells, fresh Ston oysters, your dinner will be excellent! Also, choosing our select dishes of Dalmatian cuisine with old family recipes, restaurant Posejdon is offering a rich variety of meat dishes.

Eh, now with all this the best invitation is – our guests keep coming back! For years we were constant visitors – Italians, Russians, Germans, Norwegians, Danes, Americans, French… Why wouldn’t you come?

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